Location of the Conference

The conference is held at VEAB (Regional Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences), in the historical part of Veszprém city, West-Danubia, Hungary.
Address: Veszprém, 8200, Vár u. 37.
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How to get there by car:

You can use the route planner programs on the tourist information page. If you are in town already then try to approach the ZOO. Both Hotel Betekints and Villa Medici are in the vicinity of the entrance of the ZOO.
Parking at the conference site is not allowed (even it is not allowed to drive into Vár street). Please, leave your car at the hotel - walking to the conference site from the preferred hotels is about 15 minutes. If approaching the conference site by car is inevitable (e.g. due to illness), please consults at the registration.

How to get there by train:
To get to Veszprém use the online timetable of MÁV (Hungarian State Railways). When you arrive at the station in Veszprém the best is to take a taxi to the Castle entry point (beginning of Vár street) or directly to your hotel. The preferred hotels are appr. 15 minutes far from the conference location by walking.
If you prefer public transportation then take Bus No. 4. and get off at the stop called "Hotel". Then it is 15 minutes walk to the end of Vár street. Bus ticket can be bought at the driver or at the bus stop building.

How to get there by bus:
If you arrive to Veszprém by bus then you can take a taxi or walk to the conference site which is within 15-20 minutes walk. Taking a local bus may take more time.

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